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10/11/2017 6:35 pm  #1

The COUNTY GAME. Dukes vs Robert Morris

Hello all  and looking forward to seeing you all at the COUNTY GAME Saturday 6pm Joe,Walton Stadium! I am not fooled by Bobby Mo being 2 and 3 as their 3 loses are Youngstown State  North Dakota State and ETenn all top notch FCS opponents.  This game is always tough and RMU looks solid on D at times and held Dayton to 10 points in the win. AD Dave Harper actually coached for Joe Walton defensive backs awhile back and I look for Tommy Stuart to utilize his rpo skills and hopefully more stout Dukes D! Go Dukes


10/13/2017 12:28 pm  #2

Re: The COUNTY GAME. Dukes vs Robert Morris

Living in NJ, I was exposed to a choice of Giants or Jets on TV for decades until the Internet and other means made it possible to follow the Steelers remotely.

While he wasn't as bad as "Clueless" Kotite, Tiger Joe struggled as Jets coach and was most famously known for sideline shots on TV in which he almost always had a finger inserted in his nostril. The joke was that he put the green in "Gang Green." Walton had a stellar career as Bobby Mo coach. Banaszak has never been able to bring the Colonials back to the Tiger Joe levels, and we've pretty much had their number for a while.

Judge Jack, after your years, when DU finally went DIII in 1980, one of the Dukes' first opponents was CMU. Hard to imagine that these days, when the Duzz at Pitt is talking about wanting a piece of us.


10/13/2017 3:07 pm  #3

Re: The COUNTY GAME. Dukes vs Robert Morris

Agree El Duque on Joe Walton and I do see him as the Coach McCann of Robert Morris football..a founding father..haha...also remember him as O coordinator for Steelers in the Bubby Brister days! We have had their number lately and I am hoping it continues right into big showdown with St Francis.  Hope you are well and if you make it up to Rooney that day let me know!

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10/13/2017 7:29 pm  #4

Re: The COUNTY GAME. Dukes vs Robert Morris

I will be there rocking the travelling student section. Go Dukes

I hate myself for loving you. Quoting me without the expressed written consent of the National Hockey League is prohibited.

10/14/2017 9:05 pm  #5

Re: The COUNTY GAME. Dukes vs Robert Morris

Wow! The Dukes are really rolling right now. That was a beat down. Big game coming up against SFU.


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