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Monday, November 6: Cleveland State @ Duquesne. (Home - UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse)
Friday, November 10: Charleston vs. Duquesne 6:00 PM (Away/Alumni Hall/Annapolis)
Monday, November 13: Stony Brook vs. Duquesne (Home - UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse)

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10/14/2017 10:11 pm  #1

THE COUNTY GAME Dukes 51 Robert Morris 14!!!! Unprecedented

Hello Dukes fans and again WOW! I said last week that Dukes looked as good as anytime in recent history...tonight they looked even better! Touchdown Tommy after 2 weeks in a row throwing 4 touchdown passes...tonight... threw FIVE yes  5 and  better than last week!At least 2 were RPOs as far as I could tell! I am not sure that  he has Dillons fastball but he is accurate and runs the RPO like a young Russell Wilson.  AJ and PJ both played well and RMU scores were early pick 6 and late score on second unit D! Hahaha I can't wait for Saturday and noon kick against St Francis

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10/15/2017 10:00 pm  #2

Re: THE COUNTY GAME Dukes 51 Robert Morris 14!!!! Unprecedented

It really was quite a game. I was glancing at some RMU boards and the fans there are really just lost. Feels like a lot is out of whack for them these days.

Big matchup next week, hope they're ready for SFU!


10/16/2017 10:42 am  #3

Re: THE COUNTY GAME Dukes 51 Robert Morris 14!!!! Unprecedented

Great win for the Dukes.  Looks like it will be SF next week for all the marbles.  Go Dukes.

PS miss our friend Coffee.

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