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10/19/2017 8:22 pm  #1

Dukes vs St Francis High Noon NEC Showdown

Tbe Tribs District Game of the Week takes place at Rooney Saturday at noon and I believe the Dukes are ready. Players feel strongly that they were better than St Francis last year,and have something to prove. This is the 2nd best team they have seen so far and look for physical battle and specials could be the difference! Touchdown Tommy Stuart s play has overshadowed the continuous defensive improvement and I think only the starting center is questionable injury wise. Go Grid Iron Dukes!


10/21/2017 6:15 pm  #2

Re: Dukes vs St Francis High Noon NEC Showdown


St. Francis came in having the best defense in the league by a wide margin, Duquesne ironically suffocated the Red Flash on defense all day. SFU only gained 7 points and 153 yards total, and lost three turnovers. 

QB Tommy Stuart was incredibly composed throughout the game. He was never particularly effective throwing downfield, but he never let SFU get any big plays. 0 sacks and 0 interceptions despite being pressured for most of the game. 235 yards rushing is what did the damage.

CCSU won to stay 3-0. They host SFU next week while we get Sacred Heart. We'll know after those two games if the game against CCSU at home on 11/11 becomes the de facto NEC championship game.

Go Dukes

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10/21/2017 7:34 pm  #3

Re: Dukes vs St Francis High Noon NEC Showdown

Yak rbc I don't think I could add much more except defense played man coverage all day and secondary held the star feceiver to 3 catches.As you  would figure after  1st quarter and given the rushing yardage you cited, Dukes dominated time of possession and both lines of scrimmage.Remember too that in the second half o line played with backup center and left tackle. It's great to win!

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10/22/2017 9:19 am  #4

Re: Dukes vs St Francis High Noon NEC Showdown

We stayed in the same hotel as the Frankies. Laid the stinkeye on ‘em before we went to the hoops practice.


10/22/2017 11:15 am  #5

Re: Dukes vs St Francis High Noon NEC Showdown

Great job El Duque and we may have to bring you in for the Central game if it turns out to be NEC championship at Rooney!

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