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Saturday, March 2: Duquesne @ George Mason. 2:00 PM
Tuesday, March 5: Duquesne @ VCU. 7:00 PM
Saturday, March 9: GW @ Duquesne. 2:00 PM

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8/30/2018 10:01 pm  #1

Larson Graham update 4

Played really well vs. Carolina, even got props from Bob Pompeani (along with the Iron Dukes & Jerry Schmitt, including a Bluff reference).

I hope he has secured a spot on the practice squad.


8/31/2018 2:43 pm  #2

Re: Larson Graham update 4

Agree Elduque and I am glad to hear Pomp give Duquesne a plug and was unaware.  His wife Lisa was one of our Duquesne cheerleaders in 1977!


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