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Tuesday, February 20: Saint Louis @ Duquesne 7:00 PM
Friday, February 23: Dukes @ Fordham 8:30 PM
Wednesday, February 28: LaSalle @ Duquesne. 7:00 PM

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10/29/2018 2:18 pm  #1

Final game

The final game of the men's regular season will be on Halloween night. the Dukes (4-8-3,2-3,2) will host Davidson (8-6-2, 4-2-1).

Duquesne is in a precarious position after blowing a 2-1 lead and losing 3-2 in Olean in the final minute this weekend. Again, the Dukes looked like the better team and outshot the Bonnies 13-5. Now their backs are against the wall. The Dukes are 10th and only the top 8 make the tourney, and Bonnies hold that coveted final spot.

Duquesne must beat Davidson AND 2 of the 3 must occur
St. Joe's does not win at home against St. Louis
St. Bonaventure does not win at VCU
Dayton loses at Fordham

The A-10 does not have their tie-breaking procedure readily available. Presumably head-to-head is the first tiebreaker but the Dukes tied St. Joe's and did not play Dayton this year. And matching points would be from identical records so I'm not sure what would be next after that (if St. Joe's wins or Dayton ties)

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10/29/2018 6:18 pm  #2

Re: Final game

Thanks for the run down.  Disappointing loss to the Bonnie's.

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11/03/2018 12:05 pm  #3

Re: Final game

Duquesne closes out the season losing 1-0 to Davidson.  Duquesne had more shots and shots on goal but Davidson moves on to the A-10 Cahmpionships, The Dukes go home. 

Pittsburgh is close to becoming a bigger soccer town and Duquesne recruited well but not much to show for it.


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Attitude is everything

10/13/2019 8:23 am  #4

Re: Final game

Merrimack loss to Le Moyne today _might_ put them in trouble...but they would have head-to-head over Pace, so I am not sure about whether that knocks them out.

Lemoyne 12
Merrimack 11


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