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November 2019

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November 2019

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12/15/2018 11:54 am  #1

Duquesne broadcasts on both local ESPN stations?

(Also posted on the basketball page)
Duquesne should take steps to get both basketball and football broadcast on the new addition of the FM ESPN 106.3 addition to the old AM 970 ESPN local affiliate. 

WJAS just does not have the reach to the tri-state area that we need to build a bigger fan base.  It was a great idea to broadcast the Notre Dame game on 105.9 but we need a strong and steady consistent station to call home and what better station to choose than and all sports station.  This would be good for both the university and the new all sports station to attract listeners.

WJAS is a conservative talk format with nothing in common with a sports fan to stay tuned before and after the game.

Duquesne basketball and football programs are both on the upswing with football winning games in the NCAA playoffs and scheduling against the likes of WVU now.  I see basketball also making the NCAAs soon.  Pittsburgh lives a winner!

I believe that the stations may already be owned by the same company.

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