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6/16/2019 12:28 pm  #26

Re: Dukes offer TJ's sister

I personally don’t mind reading Sperlman’s posts on Women’s basketball and specifically Duquesne.  He usually has some good insights and it’s good to hear his perspective.  I think we all tend to get over-hype recruits.  It’s just wishful thinking and quite normal for fans of any program.


6/16/2019 1:05 pm  #27

Re: Dukes offer TJ's sister

Thanks for answering the first part of my question.   Respect your answer.  I was curious to know how you think the program will get there.

I have NEVER said I was an expert.  That is YOUR comment.  I am a huge fan of WBB and Duquesne happens to be one of nine teams I adopted.  Nothing more.

How about if we move on?


6/16/2019 4:20 pm  #29

Re: Dukes offer TJ's sister

Thank you, levon1975 for your kind words.  I love your team and want them to succeed, just like the other teams I have adopted over the years.  

I am rooting for Megan to eventually become a valuable contributor to the program.


6/16/2019 4:44 pm  #30

Re: Dukes offer TJ's sister

Sorry for the delay, but I want to reply to Skeptic Al about 2020.  My BB files are all  packed (so I can't recall the girl's name), but Dan had earlier received a verbal from another 6'3 player (not Linard) who the staff was very high on and would play immediately- but haven't heard anything more about her.  Hopefully she is still in the mix and will sign.

I also want to reply to A83/Serf about UC Davis' recruiting.  They recruited two all-conference guards who at one time had the best (combined) 3 point shooting percentage in the country, but neither of them was in the same class as Morgan Bertsh,  who (as I said), was not much of prospect at first and redshirted.

You never know what will happen with redshirts - I would really love to see Snezhe Serofimoska get strong in her redshirt year and just blossom, like Bertsh did at Davis.  @ 6'4 and with her wingspan, she has a huge upside.


6/17/2019 11:31 pm  #31

Re: Dukes offer TJ's sister

Gentlemen, the name calling is going stop RIGHT NOW!
If you can't get along, stop responding to each other's posts.

By the way, "Serf" is A83's status, not his name. He'll become a Peasant when he has more posts.


6/18/2019 8:28 am  #32

Re: Dukes offer TJ's sister

So in the end, we got an all state level player, from the Pittsburgh area, who is fine with redshirting a year, and who could be a well versed and matured basketball freshman when she hits the Coop Court.
I think thats great!!!


6/18/2019 12:39 pm  #33

Re: Dukes offer TJ's sister

You may have one more (good) surprise coming your way but confidentiality prevents me from saying anything else right now.  If things come to a fruition, you'll certainly learn about it when the signing class is officially announced, but I am excited.

2020 still looks very good and your 2019 (incoming freshman group) is among the tallest the Dukes have had in years with Hamilton @ 6'2; Johnson @ 6'3 and Serofimoska 6'4.  As several of you have correctly stated, you can't train size.

Good luck to the Dukes!


6/19/2019 7:35 am  #34

Re: Dukes offer TJ's sister

Someone other than Myers?


6/19/2019 9:57 am  #35

Re: Dukes offer TJ's sister

Yes!  All I can say is, she's not from the U.S.  

One never knows how a player from overseas adapts to the college game here in the States, but (based on her credentials), she could have a huge, immediate impact.

Very excited, but keeping my fingers crossed.


6/19/2019 1:32 pm  #36

Re: Dukes offer TJ's sister

I hope it all works out.  Make the Coop the place to be for men's or women's games.  Screw pitt.


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