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7/19/2019 5:43 pm  #1

Makenna White.


2020 recruit.    Has offers from UMass, Bonas, Rider and others.


7/19/2019 8:37 pm  #2

Re: Makenna White.

Like her a lot. Would bring athleticism (especially offensive rebounding) and post moves to the Dukes.


7/20/2019 3:15 am  #3

Re: Makenna White.

Makenna White is very strong and a relentless worker.  Does not always look smooth but continually scores. She would be a very good pick-up for the Dukes.


7/20/2019 7:42 pm  #4

Re: Makenna White.

Could/Would they have a problem with the numbers in trying to sign her -  Given that players don't leave DU "early" on the women's side -  Although Enika could have came back for one more year.

At the conclusion of this year - with the signees already listed DU has

1. Caroline
2. Serena
3. Amaya
4. Bernarda
5. Precious
6. Meghan
7. Tess
8. Lindsay
9. Nina
10. Halle
11. Annie-Pier
12. Libby
13. Kristen
14. Laia
15. Amanda

This does NOT include the possible commitment from the European Guard that Sperlman mentioned -  If Annie-Pier leaves like Eniko did (DU could still be having a numbers problem)  Am under the impression that Caroline Elliot IS on scholarship and not in the same situation as her sister.



7/21/2019 11:27 am  #5

Re: Makenna White.

Caroline and Makela (not listed are walks on)

I imagine that Annie, Paige and Angela..... this will all be their last year.  All three have graduated and were listed as juniors last season.   And I’m not sure if Nina has returned for this season.

A 2019-2020 roster will be out soon hopefully.

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7/21/2019 11:34 am  #6

Re: Makenna White.

Who is Serena?  I did not see Snezhe Serofimoska on the list.


7/21/2019 7:02 pm  #7

Re: Makenna White.

sperlman wrote:

Who is Serena?  I did not see Snezhe Serofimoska on the list.

That was a typing mistake on my part.  


10/21/2020 3:07 pm  #8

Re: Makenna White.

Interested to see how the season pans out


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