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DUQUESNE MEN’S BASKETBALL - Final Record 2020-2021: 9 Wins - 9 Losses

DUQUESNE WOMEN’S BASKETBALL - Final Record 2020-2021: 5 Wins - 11 Losses

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12/22/2020 10:23 pm  #1

Reviewing the Ohio Trips

The Dukes lost to both Toledo and Kent State in two different ways. Toledo out-quicked the Dukes and drove the ball relentlessly to the hoop. Kent knocked down threes. Both teams killed DU on the offensive boards. But the Dukes hung in there and had a chance to win both games.

It is obvious that Libby is badly missed. She is the team’s leader, top scorer, best rebounder, and best defender. When she returns, the team is instantly better.

The Dukes need to work better as a unit on defense. Their rotations are not yet coordinated and are slow to react. Probably related to less practice time.

I am impressed with Megan McConnell. She is a steady point guard who understands the game. She should play more minutes. Tess Myers has a similar skill set to Amanda. She probably needs more time also. Considering the fact that these two were going to redshirt, their futures are bright.

Amanda Kalin has been super. She is such a tough kid. Laia works hard and the results are there.

Still looking for good things in the league. We are 1-0 there. Go Dukes!


12/23/2020 2:03 pm  #2

Re: Reviewing the Ohio Trips

The A10 must be straight trash in WBB.


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