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1/18/2021 2:54 pm  #1

Ohio Bobcats MAC game 2021

Just came across an announcement by Ohio University of the MAC conference FBS that they will play us there of course on Saturday September 11th 2021 at Peden Stadium. Obviously we are playing a good MAC team and will be a challenge but kudos to AD and remember 2022 is Hawaii again and 2023 the West Virginia Mountaineers!


1/18/2021 5:46 pm  #2

Re: Ohio Bobcats MAC game 2021

The State Schedule - 3 states in 3 years.


1/19/2021 3:45 pm  #3

Re: Ohio Bobcats MAC game 2021

Haha I like it Phoenix thanks. I am curious too to see if the Ohio transfer Mischler,  also All state Erie Cathedral Prep gets his first start as a Duke against his old team which would be the case if there is no spring football season and provided he wins QB1

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1/30/2021 4:03 pm  #4

Re: Ohio Bobcats MAC game 2021

This pandemic cost both the basketball and football team quite a bit.  The games against the likes of Air Force and others and the lack of a crowd at the Coop to open for example.  The Dukes had a legitimate chance last year in Brooklyn.

Having said that,  this game is a good example of the will to move on with an expansive attitude.

Attitude is everything

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