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Wednesday, February 28: LaSalle @ Duquesne 7:00 PM
Saturday, March 2: Duquesne @ George Mason. 2:00 PM
Tuesday, March 5: Duquesne @ VCU. 7:00 PM

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12/04/2021 11:22 am  #1

Our Ticket Office Staff (AKA Mistakes Made While You Wait)

I purchased a pair of Season Tickets for the Ladies -- Asked for Paper Tickets (Which was an adventure in itself)

The Ladies play Temple Tomorrow (Dec 5th)  The Date on the Ticket is Sunday Dec 14th - which is not even a Sunday

The Ladies play Penn State on Saturday Dec 18th -  The Date on the Ticket is Saturday NOVEMBER 18th

The Richmond Game on Feb 16th has a 6PM start time according to the school Website and 7PM according to the ticket.

So I guess I've already missed the Penn State game -  when I go down a week from tomorrow to watch Temple the building will be closed and I'll find out the game was last week -- and when I go to the Richmond game and "arrive 15 minutes early"  it will be halftime.



12/04/2021 1:15 pm  #2

Re: Our Ticket Office Staff (AKA Mistakes Made While You Wait)

Fire the entire athletic department for multiple counts of gross dereliction


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