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11/11/2013 1:23 pm  #1

Scenario for Dukes to represent the NEC in the FCS playoffs

Bobby Mo and St Francis have two more NEC games.  Duquesne & Sacred Heart have only one NEC game left to play. 

Obviously the Dukes need to beat Central Conn. State on Saturday, Nov. 16th, at Rooney Field.  That would make the Dukes 4-2 in the NEC.  Bobby Mo (H) needs to beat Sacred Heart on Saturday. That would eliminate Sacred Heart, making them 3-3.  Bobby Mo would then be 4-1.  St Francis is home to Wagner.  Should the Red Flash win, they would be 3-2. 

On Nov. 23rd, Bobby Mo plays at St Francis.  The Red Flash (hopefully not in a pan) must beat Robert Morris and make RM's record 4-2.  St. Francis would also be 4-2.  That would result in the Dukes, Bobby Mo, and St. Francis having 4-2 records - all being co-champs.  Since the Dukes beat both Bobby Mo and St. Francis during the regular season, they would win the tie-breaker to determine who would be the NEC representative in the FCS playoffs.

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