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1/30/2022 7:46 pm  #1

Best Performance of The Season

Women won their third in a row beating LaSalle 67-49.  Libby had a Triple Double and Scored her 1,000 th Career Point --  Megan was her usual pesky self on defense -  Tess got off to a really hot start and Precious came up with some big baskets when LaSalle made a little bit of a run in the 4th quarter.

The previous wins were over George Mason and St. Louis.

Next up is Dayton on the road --  Dayton is probably the class of the A-10 and that one is followed by Fordham at home and Fordham has been a tough match up for the team lately.  Still throughout the winning streak the team has been getting nice contributions from multiple players each time out


1/31/2022 10:55 am  #2

Re: Best Performance of The Season

My only gripe was that they were too passive bringing up the ball against that mid-court trap.  We had one 10-second call and a couple of close ones after, If we would have attacked the middle, splitting the two defenders we could have been feeding the post for easy layups and won by 50.

Also thought Amaya was out of her shooting slump, but she had an off day.  I think she is the key, if she can consistently hit foul-line extended shots against the zone and knock down 3s, she will make things easier for Meyers on the wing and Johnson and Pouye.  

One other observation, I am wondering if Bovell is having issues as she seemed tentative yesterday.  Her defense is going to be needed in these next 2 games.

I wish Meg would shoot more floaters in the lane...she would be unstoppable if she did.


2/02/2022 3:18 pm  #3

Re: Best Performance of The Season

Very happy to see the Ladies string some wins together and build some confidence in their abilities.  Dayton will of course be a challenge on the road; but perhaps a barometer of their progress.  


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