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2/10/2022 10:35 am  #1

Horrific loss to GW, worst team in A10

After two strong performances against two of the top teams in the league, I was encouraged by the team's performance and expected the team to continue on that path and potentially win out.

Boy was I wrong.

I was watching both men's and women's games last night together and once the men's game got out of hand, I watched the women's game full time.  I have no clue what the team was trying to do on offense and in the 4th quarter they just passed the ball with no real sense of trying to score.  I couldn't believe the number of shot opportunities that were passed up by Libby and Meg when they were near the foul-line and had open looks but chose not to shoot and passed the ball as the shot clock was winding down.  

This loss is entirely on the coaching staff. 

Why do our guards drive so deep and get caught on the baseline?  Why isn't the coaching staff teaching Meg to shoot a floater when she is has a wide open look from a few feet away instead of continuing to drive and miss or have her shot blocked?  She misses to many layups because she is too rushed.

Why aren't the big's able to be ready to catch the ball and make a power move to the basket?  Why does Amaya continue to fade away when she is in the middle of the paint and shoot, instead of moving toward the basket?  She did this a couple of times last night and last night and missed badly, instead of trying to draw contact and maybe get to the foul line.    

What is going on with Fatou Pouye?  She could have dominated last night inside the paint and settled for hanging out on the perimeter.   

The coaching staff is to be commended for the strong efforts against Dayton and Fordham, but need to take the blame for last night.  Make no mistake, GW was winless in the league and that game should have been over in the first half.  It was a horrible loss and sets the program on a pace for a losing record and early exit in the A10 tournament.

Team is trending in wrong direction.



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2/10/2022 12:34 pm  #2

Re: Horrific loss to GW, worst team in A10

Reluctantly, I must admit that the coaching this year has left a lot to be desired. There can be no excuse for last night’s loss. In the past few games, a rotation has been established as to who will play, but the combinations on the floor seem to be all wrong. This team is playing the three guards way too much and at the end of the game, they seem gassed. Precious is not playing enough. As the only true big, she needs more minutes. A combination of any two guards, Precious, Amaya and Fatou is almost never used. But this lineup could give the guards the rest they need.

Last night, GW decided to take Tess Myers out of the game as she is truly the team’s only three point shooter. They sold out, constantly denying her the ball. This five around, dribble drive offense leads to what 90 described - dribbling with no purpose and not looking for the shots, getting caught in undesirable spots. If teams are taking Tess away, the coaches have to set a system of staggered screens to get her shots. This offense does not do that and without Tess getting shots, more close losses will happen. Libby needs to start shooting the ball. Granted, due to her injuries, she is not the same player she was when she was all league. But Libby must look at the hoop more and let it fly. Megan plays hard, but she is a pass first guard. As an average shooter,  a floater would help her game. Play a bigger lineup more to help these guards.

Watching last night’s game reinforced the notion that there are too many coaches coaching. I counted six giving input to the team. That has to be confusing and taking away the cohesion. Dan Burt’s notion of coordinators is OK, but the team needs to have one voice leading them. Dan needs to take over. For huddles, listen to the coordinators and then go in and Dan delivers the messages. Too many cooks spoil the broth.   

The Dukes play the same game every game. Change defenses, vary the offense, set some screens, use a different press. This is the coaching needed now. Unfortunately, it is not happening.


2/10/2022 1:07 pm  #3

Re: Horrific loss to GW, worst team in A10

Women’s team is a mess for the reasons noted above and more. Time for a change in coach and staff. European style of relying on three point shots and playing terrible defense needs to s change. Only McConnell demonstrates toughness and guts. Nobody has taught Johnson how to rebound without fouling. Too many shortfalls to mention. I do not see how any coach can stand there and watch one three point attempt after another without taking measures to change it. We need a new philosophy/ direction for the program and it starts with the coach. If you read Burt’s comments after the GW game it appears he doesn’t have any answers. A coach is paid to have answers and solutions.


2/11/2022 11:19 am  #4

Re: Horrific loss to GW, worst team in A10

Admittedly, you don't want to take a loss to an 0-8 team and at home; but GW is highly ranked nationally in defense, and although they have lost often in the A-10, recently, they have been very close to winning, losing a few games on the last possession.  I was not surprised that the game was very close, and that GW pulled out a win; although blowing a 7-point lead late in the game to a team that is not blessed with offensive talent is concerning.  Keep in mind that GW has always been a tough game for the Duquesne women.  Look at the history of the series and the results are overwhelmingly in favor of GW.  I believe I read that the Dukes shot around 24% for the game; so that spells doom in most cases.  

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2/11/2022 4:07 pm  #5

Re: Horrific loss to GW, worst team in A10

Some Thoughts from someone who ADMITEDLY has "Rose Colored Glasses" as far as the Women's Program goes --  The string of 20 plus win seasons - the WNIT appearances the one NCAA Appearance make me appreciate what they have accomplished. As I posted on the Men's Board - where there was some comments/information relating to the game in the Dayton thread - they did NOT Play well.

DU 90 -- Is One Loss really enough to change perspective from "Potentially Winning Out" to Losing Record  - Early Exit in Tournament etc..

Mr. Basketball --  Is the one bad game really enough to say "We need a new philosophy and it's time for a change in staff?   This is one of your first postings on the Board - so I don't really have any idea as to how long you've followed them or what your thoughts in general might be.

Levon:  Your comments are SPOT on!!  In Three of their league losses --  GW lost on the last possession of the game.  Team shot 25% from 3 24% overall --  In the A-10 -  once you get away from Dayton - just about any team at least has a chance against any others (and maybe Dayton will stub their toe somewhere)

For the fans who care about the Women -- Sunday's game is on CBSSN instead of the ESPN+ Package -  UMass at their place is a tough assignment -- They have like 15-16 wins to date - play a decent enough non-league schedule 



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