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Monday, November 6: Cleveland State @ Duquesne. (Home - UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse)
Friday, November 10: Charleston vs. Duquesne 6:00 PM (Away/Alumni Hall/Annapolis)
Monday, November 13: Stony Brook vs. Duquesne (Home - UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse)

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2/17/2022 12:26 am  #1

Good Bounce Back Win Tonight

I will start off by saying I did not see the game and will watch it on replay tomorrow, but I can see that with 80 points scored, the offense was working.  I do hope to see some better flow when I watch and looking at the scoring numbers, it does appear there was a concentrated effort to get the ball inside.  I am going to assume that Pouye's big night came from inside the paint, where Duquesne had a commanding 46-28 advantage.  First game against Richmond, Spiders had a 36-22 advantage inside, so great to see improvement.

Also love the combined 26 points from Hamilton and Johnson. 

Love the rebounding numbers, +13 on the glass is a big plus.

Keep it up and let's not slide backwards.  The rest of the games on the schedule are winable, but if we revert back to our play from last week, they could just as easily become losses.

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