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2/20/2022 1:00 pm  #1

St. Bonaventure Round 2

Not looking good at all as once again we are playing down to the level of the competition.  

Coaching has been horrible in the first half and that may be actually kind.

Defensively we have allowed the St. Bonaventure guards drive uncontested into the lane for easy layups.  WHY? I will admit the smaller point guard is a mismatch for Meg defensively as she is not fast enough to stop the dribble-drive.  And worse yet, she is scoring over our bigs rather easily.  

The other guard has had drives to the basket that were unacceptable.  She is not as fast as the point guard, yet she drove right down the middle for an easy layup and nobody stepped up.  Worse yet, following a Duquesne basket, same guard drove the entire length of the floor for an uncontested layup.  There is no excuse for the defense to allow that to happen.  

Offensively, why is Pouye floating outside and shooting 3s??  This staff needs to tell her to get on the block and move side to side, because there are very few teams that can defend Pouye inside.  For the life of me, I can't understand what the offensive strategy is.  

Guards are standing around the perimeter and not looking to the open spot which is the foul line.  When Johnson received a pass, she was triple-teamed and none of the guards came to the paint to help her out.  Same thing happened with St. Bonaventure later, the player was double-teamed down low and the SBU guard flashed to the paint got the pass and then fed another player on the opposite end for a layup.  

Meg is only a 59% free throw shooter and that needs to get better.  


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