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2/27/2022 9:14 am  #1


2/27/2022 10:17 am  #2

Re: PSN Article On Harpers Expectations

Time will tell if Harper and Dambrot can execute what they said they have figured out.


2/27/2022 11:58 am  #3

Re: PSN Article On Harpers Expectations

Excellent work by Z. Weiss. This is the kind of  writing / reporting that has been largely missing from Duquesne Basketball coverage for my lifetime. He thinks / writes to the hardcore fans. If, as the media has long said, there is no real interest in DU hoops, on those rare instances when something informative is written address the hardcore fans. Don't write a puff piece for the casuals. Ok, my editorializing is now done. Again, props to Mr. Weiss.

As for what Mr. Harper said, he echoes my beliefs closely.

The potential supply of available quality players may exceed the demand.  The limits of 13 schollies per school is going to leave a certain number of players without a landing spot. It is incumbent on the coaching staff to take advantage of this newfound market inefficiency. That is the unknown, can this staff as presently constituted pull it off.

DU has limited openings (1 - assuming Maceo Austin does not return) at this time. Although we know a roster turnover (my guess is 3 of the 12 scholarship players depart ) is coming. This gives them potentially 4 openings for the spring signing season. 

It will certainly be an interesting off season !!!


2/27/2022 12:02 pm  #4

Re: PSN Article On Harpers Expectations

Harper also said "we haven't signed anyone" so that to me is a good thing considering my comments regarding A-10 talent and 5'7" PG's. 


2/27/2022 12:06 pm  #5

Re: PSN Article On Harpers Expectations

Once again he commented about recruiting on a higher shelf so I think between guys leaving and open scholarships we may have a lot more new guys next year than we think:  Here is the exact quote indicating no one has signed yet:: We’ve got to find guys now. We have no player that has signed with us. 


2/27/2022 12:52 pm  #6

Re: PSN Article On Harpers Expectations

Yes… I hope he was sending a message that he knows the two folks Dambrot wants aren’t going to get the job done. 
- I laughed when he said he doesn’t pay attention to the noise. Well, we are the noise and by him acknowledging that he doesn’t listen to it means he DOES hear it. Plus, he needs a lot more noise or the empty Coop would be worse
-Harper also said that they “missed” implying on who they recruited. So basically, Dambrot struck out when he said this was his best team ever.

Go Dukes


2/27/2022 2:09 pm  #7

Re: PSN Article On Harpers Expectations

Good job asking the right questions initially; but Harper’s answers seemed a bit evasive.  I assume they had a plan last year that clearly didn’t work; so why should this year be different?


2/27/2022 2:47 pm  #8

Re: PSN Article On Harpers Expectations

He makes a reference to the success of the 2019-20 season as an indication that they have the right coaching staff, they've done it before, they can get back there again, they just need the right players. Doesn't really have an explanation for why they whiffed so badly on this team except that they didn't get to see the new players in person because of Covid restrictions. No acknowledgement that having only 1 player left in the program from the second and third recruiting classes might have been a problem. He indicates there'll be plenty of good players out there thanks to the transfer portal, the Covid bonus year expanding the pool of good players, they just have to find them and get them to come to Duquesne. If you're thinking we just need a good pass-first point guard then all the pieces fit into place, I think you'll be disappointed. Based on these comments, I'd expect at least half the roster to turn over. 


2/27/2022 4:42 pm  #9

Re: PSN Article On Harpers Expectations

Dennis and turning over half the roster would be a very good thing.  Many on this Board have commented that there are only maybe 3 to 4 players that people think we should bring back.


2/27/2022 7:05 pm  #10

Re: PSN Article On Harpers Expectations

“DH: It can’t get any worse than it is right now.”

Ohh, how many times have we been told this.   Only to be proven wrong again and again and again.


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