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3/05/2022 12:21 pm  #1

Transfer player of interest: Ayanna Townsend from Xavier

She is from Pittsburgh and played basketball at Winchester Thurston. She is a grad transfer and will have immediate eligibilty.

Here is her stats bio - put up good numbers in BE play.


She would be an excellent addition to our front line if we can land her.


3/05/2022 4:40 pm  #2

Re: Transfer player of interest: Ayanna Townsend from Xavier

Thanks for the info, DU90. While a decent player, this is a transfer that would not make a tremendous impact next year as a grad for DU. I saw her enough at Winchester that in my humble opinion, we need a stronger big from the portal, Europe, or High School.

I respect your opinion, DU90, but that is one of the beauties of the recruiting game and we all know Recruiting is an inexact science. Often, it is in the eye of the beholder. You may be right on this recruit and I may be wrong. We do need size, no question.

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3/05/2022 10:22 pm  #3

Re: Transfer player of interest: Ayanna Townsend from Xavier

Her last game on Friday - 18 pts, 10 rebs against St. John's. Box score from Friday:

While getting a double-double in a D1 game is no guarantee of stardom, it does provide an indication of potential, kind of like, if she can put those numbers up once, she is certainly capable of doing it again.

Season stats for this year: 9.1 ppg and 5.5 rpg and led the team with 21 blocked shots.

Maybe she has improved her game since high school.   

The key would be how hard she is willing to work to become a consistent double-digit scorer and rebounder and improve her game.  Our European players tend to be on the thin side and are not ready to play the physical game that we are seeing today in the A10. 

At worst, she gives you a physical presence that can provide help and rest for Precious Johnson on the inside.  Given our lack of consistency from players, see Pouye as an example, she could help out quite a bit with good size in the paint plus experience.  I do believe she may have 2 years of eligibility remaining.

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3/06/2022 1:02 pm  #4

Re: Transfer player of interest: Ayanna Townsend from Xavier

You make good points, DU90. I know that she started all but 2 of the team’s 30 games, but the team finished 9-21. I would never denigrate the player who obviously has talent, but my question is about the fit with the Dukes. Definitely not an outside shooter, decent on the free throw line and good in the blocks. She could help, but I guess I am greedy for better. If our coaching staff agrees with you, I will cheer her every time she steps on the court. By the way, thanks for your passion. We need that!


4/02/2022 9:33 pm  #5

Re: Transfer player of interest: Ayanna Townsend from Xavier

Ayanna committed to Duquesne!


Unlike Pouye who liked to venture out to the perimeter, I do believe that Ayanna's game is much more suited to inside and will play the 4.  I also think she has 2 years of eligibility.

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4/02/2022 9:41 pm  #6

Re: Transfer player of interest: Ayanna Townsend from Xavier

In addition, Alexa Williamson, who played at Chartiers-Houston is transferring from Temple.


Stats are similar to Townsend and I would like to see us go after her as well.  There are several big post players 6-3 and taller that are in the portal that I really would like to see us go after, but with Ayanna Townsend committed and if we are able to sign Alexa Williamson, we will be bringing to veteran players to compete for starting positions and challenge the players in the program.

The team will only get better if we continue to bring in good talent to upgrade the team.  

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4/03/2022 7:28 am  #7

Re: Transfer player of interest: Ayanna Townsend from Xavier

The Twitter post lists her height as 6’1” rather than 6’3”; otherwise her stats are very similar to Townsend. I think the team needs to  become more athletic and find ways to defend drives to the hoop.


4/03/2022 8:52 am  #8

Re: Transfer player of interest: Ayanna Townsend from Xavier

Sorry Levon, I didn't meant to imply Alexa Williamson is 6-3, I just wanted to be clear there are a lot of post-players that are 6-3 and taller and would like for us to pursue more size.  

If we are recruiting Williamson and are able to sign her, our interior play would be improved on both the offensive front and defensive fronts.  

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4/03/2022 9:28 am  #9

Re: Transfer player of interest: Ayanna Townsend from Xavier

Hook Shot brought up the point that Xavier finished 9-21 last season -  I was somewhat curious as to "How Much Did Playing in the Big East affect their ranking?"  --  The Big East had four teams in the NCAA --  (U Conn, Crieghton, Villanova & DePaul)  In addition Seton Hall has done well in the WNIT --  There is a "Net Ranking System" out there - it is presumably based on factors like records, strength of schedule etc (it is NOT the one Phoenix Rising articulates so well on the men's side)  DU was ranked #162 on the women's side --  Xavier was #246 --  A Close A-10 comparison would be St. Bonnie at #244 --  So Ms. Townsend put up those decent numbers on a program similar to St. Bonaventure.  


4/04/2022 5:00 am  #10

Re: Transfer player of interest: Ayanna Townsend from Xavier

Welcome to Ayanna as she plays a position of need for the Dukes. In watching the women’s tourney, it reinforced my notion that a good big team will beat a good small team. Even an elite small team like UConn simply was not big enough to beat S. Carolina and were  lucky to beat Stanford who had an atrocious shooting night. Since Coach likes to play three guards, the hope is that the last couple of scholarships go to 6’3” players or taller. With the reported two freshmen guards coming in, we have six guards who can play. When Precious was not on the floor, we fell into that good small team category last year and lost a number of games that were winnable.  We have a great swing option in Amaya that could move us to a big team category if we can add real size to improve our rebounding. Just my opinion, but I still think we need to get a lot bigger which is also a trend in the A10. Go Dukes!

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4/05/2022 8:48 am  #11

Re: Transfer player of interest: Ayanna Townsend from Xavier

Effective size; not size on paper; but especially more mobile in all positions.


11/14/2022 10:35 am  #12

Re: Transfer player of interest: Ayanna Townsend from Xavier

Still very early, but Townsend has been a very solid impact player for the Dukes through three games. Leads the team in PPG, is second in RPG, and is third in FG%.

Interested to see how she and the team play against Pitt.


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