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7/15/2022 11:45 am  #1

The New Mascot

Not that a mascot is a major reason to attend or root for a school, but this athletic department has put so much wasted effort into branding, re-branding and re-branding again.  It's as if a change from tradition is a sign of accomplishing something rather than destroying familiar ties to a product.  we are never satisfied as to who we are.

We are the DUQUESNE DUKES not the Duquesne Lions,  The flippin' Lion is the most improbable shade of aqua that doesn't appear in nature nor in the Duquesne colors.  Get a pair of shorts that fit the poor guy inside the costume before he looses his n&$@.  It's comically idiotic. 

If the athletic department needs innovation, come up with a creative idea such as playing a football game or two at Highmark Stadium rather that the smallest D-I venue in the nation.  That's an inovation that would build an audience, not an anemic aqua lion.

I know that there is a lion in the Duquesne Seal but there's also a dove and a book too.  Maybe we can be the Duquesne Doves or Duquesne Library Club.  

The "new" "D" is unrecognizable as a D.  Notre Dame doesn't change their logo, Dayton doesn't either.  The Nitnany Lion is as old as and lovable as ever but damn it THEY ARE THE LIONS- WE AREN'T.


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7/15/2022 5:24 pm  #2

Re: The New Mascot

The schools you mention have established recognizable athletic brands. We do not. The AD’s story about people thinking it was a Detroit logo is not in isolation.

Five minutes ago posters here were complaining that the new athletic D took away the reference to the gothic D on the ring. So here’s this lion which is a clear and specific reference to the university seal on everyone’s class ring.

Georgetown is the Hoyas, but that bulldog is around anyway. Doesn’t seem to grind their gears.


7/16/2022 7:44 pm  #3

Re: The New Mascot

Read the post again.   It’s about tradition and constantly changing ours.  The Georgetown Hoya comes from the chant Hoya Saxa.  They had to come up with a bulldog because there isn’t an animal called a Hoya.  They don’t keep changing their brand and mascot.  They respect it.

We are the Duquesne Dukes.  Have you seen the idiotic looking aqua lion?

I know there is a lion in the seal- as stated earlier there is a book and a dove too.   We are not the Lions, the doves or the librarians.

And hell yes it “grinds my gears” when people feel that we don’t have a tradition.   We have a proud and worthy tradition- don’t tear it down by constantly rebranding.

Do some reading about Moore and Layden.

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7/18/2022 8:13 am  #4

Re: The New Mascot

I was never excited about the change in the “D” on apparel but if it doesn’t change again folks won’t keep thinking it means Detroit or Duke or Davidson.

Our rings are iconic and recognized all over the world- thank heaven they didn’t change that.

The pep band (not the kids personally) and the mascot have been failures for years.  They still haven’t gotten them right.


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