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Fall of 2023

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1/06/2023 8:46 pm  #1

Women Beat Dayton by One

Score is a little closer that what it looks like -- Dayton hit a pair of 3's in the final seconds.  DU had 9 players in uniform --  Townsend and Westphal were in sweats.   That 9 players includes the Walk-On.  In addition to the bulky brace on her knee during the warm ups Lauren is wearing a contraption around her waist --  I presume this is for some sort of back problem and would guess that SHE is not at 100%.

Amaya had perhaps the best game of her career 21 points 13 rebounds --  Dayton's bigs are strong but unathletic and they didn't have an answer for her - despite early foul trouble Precious had 16 points 9 rebounds --  Naelle also had 16 points.   To her Credit at 5'9 there were times last night when Reilly Sunday was basically a Power Forward.

Hats off to the Players and Staff --   11-4 is better than 10-5!!!!

Beat George Mason!!!!



1/08/2023 4:07 am  #2

Re: Women Beat Dayton by One


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