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1/21/2023 5:21 pm  #1

My take on this..........

Important spoiler alert..................  A friend of mine who is a Fordham grad, not knowing that I watch all the games, accidentally spoiled today's final score for me, but still, I have been meaning to say this for over a month.

I think a lot of us were getting way too far over our skis this year, especially after the great non-conference start. People were actually talking about, not just being top tier A 10, but actually winning the whole enchilada and an NCAA tournament bid!

I have felt this was a bit too optimistic.

Twenty wins or more would be a great step forward for this team, especially after last year's utter disaster!, and if you were to ask most fans before the season, they would have jumped at this in a heart beat! Remember we were picked by the experts to finish dead last!

Just my opinion.

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1/21/2023 8:09 pm  #2

Re: My take on this..........

Thanks for the perspective.  


1/21/2023 9:21 pm  #3

Re: My take on this..........

I can see both sides. 20 wins would be a great step in the right direction. Nobody can dispute that. At the same time  I don’t think the predictions were out of line after the non-conference.

Only Fordham had a better non-conference record, and unlike Fordham our strength of schedule was legitimate. We may not have been playing world beaters (other than Kentucky), but they were mostly strong mid-majors. The top teams in the conference really struggled too.

Dayton had a tough schedule, but basically lost to anyone they played that had a pulse. VCU lost to Jacksonville. St. Louis picked up good wins over Memphis and Providence, but offset them with losses to Iona and SIU-Edwardsville. Richmond went 0-2 against Colonial teams. St. Bonaventure had a losing record against an easier slate than we faced. Davidson topped Richmond by going 0-3 against CAA teams.

Looking at things on Christmas Day, the conference seemed to be wide open and we were playing as well as anyone. Despite that, I don’t think anyone was going further than to say the Dukes were a dark horse to win the conference. Even as disgusted as I am with the last two games, I still think that’s true. When we’re playing well we can beat anyone in the league. It’s a long shot because winning the tourney takes three straight wins even in the best case scenario; and we don’t seem to be able to string together multiple good games. I don’t think those early predictions were out of line though.


1/22/2023 7:01 pm  #4

Re: My take on this..........

Absolutely right in your observation, Tejas.  I think we all got carried away a bit with the team having some success.  I think many of us know that simply having the typical Dambrot success; 20 wins and no post-season success just extends our 50-years of frustration.  For many of us; time is running out, and success can consist of only one event; a trip to the big dance.  The last 4- games including three losses to mediocre teams; just shocked us back to reality; that this collection of transfers and freshmen still has a long way to go before we can reasonably hope for even a flicker of hope.


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