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Monday, November 6: Cleveland State @ Duquesne. (Home - UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse)
Friday, November 10: Charleston vs. Duquesne 6:00 PM (Away/Alumni Hall/Annapolis)
Monday, November 13: Stony Brook vs. Duquesne (Home - UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse)

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7/31/2022 9:44 am  #1


7/31/2022 10:37 am  #2

Re: Bronny???

Thanks Phoenix.  Wouldn't that be a big boost for the DU Program? 


7/31/2022 11:45 am  #3

Re: Bronny???

What a media  zoo the Bluff would be. Good or bad media exposure on a national scene would benefit Duquesne University.


7/31/2022 11:49 am  #4

Re: Bronny???

Agree with you guys and hope that it happens!


8/17/2022 11:25 am  #5

Re: Bronny???

Bronny to Duquesne isn't happening, so let's not get carried away.  I don't think KD would want to leverage a friendship to bring this about.  It would be a "big ask" to try and ask Lebron to intervene based on their history.  Now if KD was coaching at UCLA, it would be a natural process to have Lebron's old friend coach Bronny.  He is looking at UCLA, USC, Oregon and OSU.  Lebron is with Nike, so it will most likely be a Nike school and Oregon is the original Nike school. I know Duquesne is a Nike school too,  but not in the same arena as these guys.  

The sideshow is interesting in that if you read some of the scouting reports on Bronny, he has some good qualities but is not as big or powerful as Lebron, so he may end up as a combo guard.  His shot is still a "work in progress", but he is said to have great court presence and instincts for the game (no surprise).  If he was another guy not named James, he might be a 4-star; but not one of the top players in the nation at this point; but his value is so great because of the buzz; and top players that will follow him to the program he selects.  


8/17/2022 11:48 am  #6

Re: Bronny???

KD should most certainly reach out, let LeBron know if his kid is looking to go off the well beaten path of the ucla/duke/kansas route of a one and done, consider coming to DU for a year, LeBron would know his kid will be taken care of by KD personally.   This might be the last time DU can ever be relevant across the nation again.   And the kid would not be overwhelmed with cameras and media.   Its Duquesne/Pittsburgh, after a week, no one would care.   Gotta talk about Kenny or Crosby all the time.


8/18/2022 7:00 am  #7

Re: Bronny???

Just saying…. 2 of these 7 names honored at the LeBron James building on the Nike campus are now on the Duquesne coaching staff.


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8/18/2022 8:48 am  #8

Re: Bronny???

Kyrie isnt one of them?    :-)))))


8/20/2022 2:05 pm  #10

Re: Bronny???

Thanks, CLK.  First, that was a nicely produced video introducing Dru Joyce.  Secondly, having that intro retweeted by LeBron reaching his 52 million followers on Twitter is unbelievable.  Already, that video has been viewed over 87,000 times (I wonder if that's a record for any Duquesne produced social media content; as a comparison, the last video posted by Duquesne Basketball got 534 views).  Nice!!

Edited 8/22, now up to 310,000 views.

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8/27/2022 5:03 pm  #11

Re: Bronny???

I think the chances of Bronny coming are almost non-existent.  I almost would rather he doesn't.  Seems like Lebron and KD/Dru have a good relationship right now and I think the chances are greater of that getting worse rather than improving if he played at DU.  Lebron has done a lot for the program just with his influence as noted above and if he keeps doing that, I would be happy.


8/28/2022 4:05 pm  #12

Re: Bronny???

PhoenixRising2 wrote:

Just saying…. 2 of these 7 names honored at the LeBron James building on the Nike campus are now on the Duquesne coaching staff.


Why isn't this information not sent to PSN? Possibly missed the story? Better than reading the "Pitt Sports All-The-Time Daily News" brought to you by PSN.


2/02/2023 7:23 am  #13

Re: Bronny???

Bronny came back from injury last night and had quite the game vs. Duke commit Dusty Stromer. James had 19 pts and 3 steals and stromer had 21 points with Bronny's team getting blown out 88-61. Full highlights:

I'm hearing from my sources that James Jr. and the Dukes are close to a deal. Rumor has it security is going to be beefing up in preparation;)

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2/02/2023 8:04 am  #14

Re: Bronny???

Nice Post “Bluff” Hunter.  I love it.  I mean it is GroundHog Day.

I’m guessing Bronny junior may go to a school close to his dad’s team, but I have no intel!


2/02/2023 8:06 am  #15

Re: Bronny???

Dukes or Duke?   


2/02/2023 9:15 am  #16

Re: Bronny???

Hunter, I appreciate all your contributions to this board.  It makes it more fun when people share what they find including rumors.  However, I think the increase in security by DU stems from the Door Dash incident.  According to this article Bronny is down to USC, Oregon and Ohio State. But who knows, the process is very close to the vest.  It would be awsome if this rumor was true.

Basketball Recruiting - Making the Case: Bronny James (rivals.com)


2/02/2023 9:19 am  #17

Re: Bronny???

From what I have read, Bronny is ranked 34 in his class
is considered a 4 star prospect.
DU might be a  good place for him, 
He will KD and Joyce as coaches in a reasonably competitive conference.
Though expectations will be high for him and the team, he has a chance to be
successful because of the conference and coaches and may  even stay for  more than one year.


2/02/2023 9:17 pm  #18

Re: Bronny???

Thank you CLK and FAM!! Just to clarify, I have not been tipped off by somebody in the James camp or have any inside knowledge about this I am just having some good fun which this board desperately needs. Yes, the security upgrades will be due to the delivery prank! 

After Bronny's final 3 choices came out his father made a statement that he may not choose one of those 3 schools, he can go wherever he wants to go still. All Lebron has to do is pick up the phone.


This has been the largest pipe dream for Duquesne fans since Dambrot's tenure started... even bigger than making the NCAA Tournament.

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5/06/2023 6:22 pm  #19

Re: Bronny???

Bronny committed to Southern Cal.  


5/07/2023 7:44 am  #20

Re: Bronny???

As I've said before: Let's forget all about this LeBron stuff. Yes, Dambrot coached him once, but what does that mean for Duquesne.


5/07/2023 8:42 am  #21

Re: Bronny???

As long as Dambrot or Joyce are coaching at Duquesne Bronny maybe a Duke down the road. Lebron is a helicopter dad. Good luck to the USC head coach.The circus begins in Trojan land.


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