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2/15/2023 10:18 pm  #1

20 3 Pointers!

The women’s team set a new program record with 20 3’s in a single game and as you can imagine it was a whole team performance!

They also played shut down defense to make this one as complete a win as they’ve had all season long

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2/16/2023 12:59 pm  #2

Re: 20 3 Pointers!

THANKS for posting --  Last year when the Women Played St Bonnie at home --  For the first three quarters they missed EVERY Three Pointer --  they were like 0-17 --  In the 4th quarter they made a couple including one from Laia (it MAY have been her ONLY 3 pointer of the season)  A few weeks later in the rematch in NY - the team set the record (19 3 pointers) which was broken last night.

Even the walk on drilled a 3 


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