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Wednesday, February 28: LaSalle @ Duquesne 7:00 PM
Saturday, March 2: Duquesne @ George Mason. 2:00 PM
Tuesday, March 5: Duquesne @ VCU. 7:00 PM

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3/19/2023 9:53 pm  #1

Say what you want

There are people on this board that like Dambrot and the direction of the program and others that are not pleased. All opinions of various different people which should be accepted by all. Just because we have different opinions of the direction of the program doesn’t give us the right to attack each other. Because the end result, we all want Duquesne to be successful at different levels. The people who support Dambrot attack people with they are poison, bully’s, and other derogatory remarks which  is childish. When people point out the deficiencies of the program or the positives, people on this board go on the attack mode. I personally do not care what side you are on and respect your opinion. The supporters really go on the offensive and start the non sense of name calling and characterization of people which is outlandish. Respect people for their wishes for a better program and accept those who are satisfied with the progress. Look at the facts and come up with your own conclusions. Let’s hope the core of good players stay and we add the pieces that makes us as successful as we all want. By the way, not to agitate anyone, I suggested we hire Mitch Henderson seven years ago, you can verify this by looking at page 125 of this board. He only makes half of what our coach makes. But that’s besides the point, let’s hope for a great off season.


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