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3/23/2023 11:08 am  #1


3/23/2023 12:14 pm  #2

Re: PSN Harper Interview

I imagine that Dan Burt would not be thrilled with those comments.  Yes, recruiting and record have been mediocre last two years.   But comparing his accomplishments to that of the men’s team or any other sport at Duquesne and I don’t understand the comments.


3/24/2023 11:26 pm  #3

Re: PSN Harper Interview

It just sounds like the usual comments that we hear from the AD.  Both teams improved, won more games than last year, but still were unable to leave any significant mark in the A-10.  So they’ve improved to the point of mediocrity, but in both cases still lose to teams with superior talent, and coaching.  I guess the question  remains whether either program can make the next step to actually be considered  serious contenders or continue in the middle of the pack in a “good” year?


3/25/2023 6:58 am  #4

Re: PSN Harper Interview

While I appreciate any coverage in media of Duquesne basketball this article certainly had a lot of nothing.  The answers were generic mostly and there is no follow up.  It reads like a list of questions were emailed to Dave Harper and he typed out a reply and sent them back.  And where were questions that many other posters on this board ask all the time?

On just MBB:  What is Coach Dambrot’s contract situation?  The same could be asked of Coach Burt.  What does Dru Joyce bring to the team?  Is he the future head coach?  

On basketball in general:  How much does the university spend on both?  Does the administration still see the importance of these teams to promoting the university like, say, a Gonzaga does?  When will the remaining parts of the Coop be constructed?

I’m sure there are better and other questions to consider than these.  

Again - grateful for any coverage.  Would like to see at least an attempt at more substance with follow up. 

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3/25/2023 10:03 pm  #5

Re: PSN Harper Interview

Thank you Mulder, PSN how about quit throwing up softball questions and ask some of what Mulder brings up - its not that hard for crumb sake.  Ask questions that don't allow for canned answers.  


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