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3/25/2023 8:35 am  #1

One bid league?

Moving forward, is the A10 a one bid league?


3/25/2023 8:53 am  #2

Re: One bid league?

pressurecooker wrote:

Moving forward, is the A10 a one bid league?

I would be surprised if the A-10 becomes a 1 bid league on a regular basis. Even given the obvious advantages of the power 5 conferences, I still do believe that we will see on average 2 or 3 bids moving forward. The league is down and has been for awhile but I see no reason why it won't snap back to a top 8 or 9 soon. Good coaching and seeing programs improving. We need to see that same improvement here or be left behind.

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3/25/2023 8:40 pm  #3

Re: One bid league?

Don’t think so. Frank Martin, Archie Miller Dayton Bonnie’s & VCU. But you maybe right. Reason power 5 BS. As of sweet 16 Big 10 & SEC done. Problem both conferences get 8 bids. A10 has to figure out scheduling pre conference games. I think the A10 has some very good coaches. Hopefully, a 1 bid conference is not the norm.


3/26/2023 5:41 pm  #4

Re: One bid league?

I'm thinking Conference USA probably deserved more than one bid this year. Florida Atlantic makes the NCAA Final 4, UAB and North Texas both make the NIT Final Four, Charlotte wins the CBI. 4-0 against the Power 5 in the postseason. Good conference for the Dukes to schedule non-conference games against. 


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