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4/03/2023 12:33 pm  #1

This Past Season

After reflecting on AD Harper’s comments in the PSN article on women’s hoops, I went back and rewatched many of the games for the women. I should state that I saw every game but one either live or by stream during the season. My thoughts are as follows.

Although 19-12 looks like a pretty good year, it could have been much better. Many of the games were like roller-coasters - good stretches of excellent play and terrible stretches of poor play. Shooting was so very inconsistent. How does a team make 20 threes in one game and shoot 1-29 from three in another game? Baffling.

I was shocked at the number of layups and short shots that were missed. No one powers to the basket on two feet. “Going up strong” was missing. Although one of the bigger teams in the league, strength and aggressiveness to the basket came up short like many of the layups. This same lack hurt rebounding.

Defense was another baffling area for me. I couldn’t define what kind of philosophy was at play. Ball pressure was absent. Guarding the ball four feet away, going under screens constantly, little switching or help defense and rare double teaming left the team pretty exposed to offensive teams that had a clue.

I enjoyed the fire of the team. They never quit and gave their all. Some of their comebacks were really amazing. Very definitely a positive.

There were times when the team was really short handed manpower wise. Three players were red-shirted. With the portal, is red-shirting a good idea? I don’t know. There is a report via Raoul that one of the bench players is transferring. Disappointing.

There is a very nice core of people who follow and support the team, yet look at how few posts there are in this forum about the team. 19-12 was decent but didn’t stoke the flames.

I continue to root for this team and their coaches who are wonderful individuals. The AD’s comments leave no doubt that there is concern about the program. I am hoping that 19-12 becomes 23-8 next year. Go Dukes!


4/03/2023 5:37 pm  #2

Re: This Past Season

Although I only attended a few games this year Hook Shot, I've seen the same scenario with this team in prior years.  Although injuries always seem to be a problem for the team, I can't help but agree that they could easily have won a few more games.  The extreme peaks and valleys are troubling, but may also be a symptom of reliance on the 3-point shot to generate offense.  I've seen this throughout College Basketball both women and men's games.  Large blown leads seem to be quite common these days.  With that said however, the Dukes have for years lacked continuity of offense and defense.  There is just no identity on defense.  I find it hard to understand the strategy at times.  On offense they seem to get stagnant and don't seem to press their advantages in match-ups often enough.    
As usual though "hope springs eternal",  One problem that was evident in looking at the results this year, is that there are a few teams such as URI and UMASS that are far and away superior to Duquesne, whether due to talent, coaching, or both, Dukes are not in the same orbit as these teams.  Beyond them, I think the team is competitive, but usually comes up short against a few other programs such as St. Joe's , Davidson and GW.  I'm not sure why, but the Dukes always seem to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against them.  So, it will not be easy to manage the turnaround next year.  


4/04/2023 1:46 pm  #3

Re: This Past Season

Olivia Westphal transferring surprises me.   I thought she was not playing because on injury.   Can anyone confirm this?   She had very few minutes if she was not injured. 

I have noticed that he only played 8 people this year for the majority of the year.  I thought that was due to injury.   If your bench is available and getting so few minutes, you really don’t like your bench. 

I said it in another post.   The ADs comments certainly felt like Burt’s seat is getting warm. Which just surprises me.  We all agree that the last few seasons  left some thing to be desired.   But when you compare it to the crap storm that is usually mens bb it didn’t warrant the comments.  Similar football has fallen off like women’s bb.

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4/05/2023 4:48 pm  #4

Re: This Past Season

Early in the season there was an article which stated that Olivia did not receive full clearance until a few days before practice started - she was in sweats a couple of times throughout the year -  HOWEVER by season's end she was dressed and available --  It is DISSAPOINTING when a local player who had the reputation coming in leaves the program. She has signed with Eastern Michigan.

Looks like several teams in the A-10 might have significant departures --  From Senior Day Aniya Walker was the only one honored (in addition to Snezhana)  Which leads me to believe Ayanna and Lauren are returning.
Some teams in the A-10 have significant departures -  and will need replacements from the Portal -  DU might have a significant ONE YEAR WINDOW -  After this year at a MINIMUM -  Precious, Amaya, Lauren and Ayana will be departing --   THIS will be a lot to replace --  Hopefully the two bigs who sat out this year (Ammons and Kulo) are a start --  with one freshman signed early -  Three scholarships are now available hoping the staff can find some suitable candidates,  Also hoping Dea Pushkoli can contribute some - but the front court needs seem more pressing.

Share the thoughts about "roller coaster season"   St Louis who got hot at the end of the year and ran the table in the A-10 tournament --  DU beat them -  had a big lead --  saw most of it evaporate but hung on -  If there was one team who I thought was "over-rated in the A-10 it was St. Louis who seemed to have little depth and would be ill-equipped for the three games in three days they needed.

Loyola who had one win in league play -  DU was bombing them at half time in the post season-  but needed a last second block to escape with a one point win --  


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