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4/13/2023 4:38 pm  #1

Transfer Portal

This lists all 1000 plus women's basketball transfers.


For Duquesne, besides Westphal, Reilly Sunday is listed. Aniya Walker and the walk-on Singo Lekeuneu also are listed. This is more players than we have had transfer out in all of Coach Burt’s years.


4/15/2023 8:03 am  #2

Re: Transfer Portal

Hook Shot --   THANKS for posting --  I found it somewhat unusual that the two portals had such different totals as to the information --  And the first one "Raul;s" was more of a gold standard.

This one lists over 1,000 players the other one had 552 as of yesterday -   Olivia is the only one still listed in the other portal.

Here is an idea of HOW HARD in might be to keep players happy and in a program -  Stanford has 3 players in the portal -  Lauren Betts 6'7 was NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL PLAYER OF THE YEAR averaged 5.9PPG and 3,5 RPG as a Frosh 9MPG  -   India Nivar PG averaged 3.2 PPG in 12 Minutes as a Freshman  Agnes Emma Nnopu averaged 3,2 and 13MPG as a Junior --   Given that Stanford had a lot of "comfortable victories"  Coach has a lot more leeway in giving bench players the playing time.

Olivia played 82 Minutes --  Aniya 71 --  Reilly 174 and Singo 25.

I had hoped that Olivia and Reilly would at some point be similar to Libby Bazelak and Amanda Kalin whom I felt were one of the top backcourts in the A-10 when both were healthy.

While I would like to lessen the workloads for Megan and Tess --  there are not a whole lot of minutes which might be avaialbe for the three players who redshirted -- the one freshman who signed and any new additions

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