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Wednesday, December 6: Duquesne @ Marshall 7:00 PM
Friday, December 8: St. Peter's @ Duquesne 7:00 PM
Monday, December 18: Lebron James Center in Akron- Bradley vs. Duquesne - 8:00 PM according to DU site.

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5/08/2023 10:40 am  #1

A10 Way-Too-Early Power Rankings


FWIW, Tristan Freeman, author, has covered many of the Dukes games (and other A10 games) pretty deeply over the past couple of years. He seems to have good knowledge of college basketball and the A10.


5/08/2023 10:46 am  #2

Re: A10 Way-Too-Early Power Rankings

Who is gonna argue with that??!?!   


5/08/2023 11:57 am  #3

Re: A10 Way-Too-Early Power Rankings


I was thinking 4th or 5th.


5/08/2023 5:17 pm  #4

Re: A10 Way-Too-Early Power Rankings

It got my attention


5/08/2023 5:18 pm  #5

Re: A10 Way-Too-Early Power Rankings

Need to get that big dude from nc state.....or Ricky tunstall


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