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Tuesday, February 20: Saint Louis @ Duquesne 7:00 PM
Friday, February 23: Dukes @ Fordham 8:30 PM
Wednesday, February 28: LaSalle @ Duquesne. 7:00 PM

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7/10/2023 11:49 am  #2

Re: 2024 - Ebrahim Kaba

Thanks Bsduq2008. He is a 6'7 small forward. Duquesne has really been active these past few weeks on the recruiting trail.



7/10/2023 12:10 pm  #3

Re: 2024 - Ebrahim Kaba

Yeah I feel like creating a cheat sheet to keep track of all these possible recruits!

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7/10/2023 1:03 pm  #4

Re: 2024 - Ebrahim Kaba

[color=var(--site-primary)]Ebrahim Kaba[/color] , 6’8 SF Peddie 2024 Kaba had a standout performance as he showed the ability to score the ball in a variety of ways. The 6’8 wing has a smooth release on his jumper as he wasted little motion and made opponents pay for giving him space from behind the arc. Kaba was able to get to his spot throughout the night and rose up with confidence over smaller defenders. He finished through contact around the basket and put the ball on the floor nicely. Kaba is a sharpshooting wing prospect whose ability to finish through contact will help his stock in a big way. =15pxKaba is heading to Peddie for a postgrad season and should make an impact in 2023-24. The lanky 6’7 wing has a smooth release on his jumper and can get hot from distance in a hurry. Kaba has a good pull-up jumper as he is able to get to his spot and rises up with confidence. He is an underrated passer and has the length to defend multiple positions on the floor.

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